The school abides by the guidelines set by the U K A Code of Practice.

Pupils are expected to behave in a polite and respectful manner at all times.

Correct uniform is necessary for the safety of the pupil and for me to see that the pupils’ positions and movements are correct.

In the interests of safety, it will be necessary for some physical contact to occur to enable the correction of technique.

As always I am happy for parents to be present at their child's class at any time but there must be no talking by parents during the class.

The changing rooms must be used to change into class uniform. Other dance shoes and water are to be brought into the hall at the commencement of the class.

Although a visit to the toilet is allowed during class, please ensure your child has been to the toilet before the class starts.

When the class finishes please leave the hall quickly & quietly so the next class can begin immediately.

Pupils must be collected from inside the building at the end of class as I am not responsible for them when their class is finished.

Do not bring valuables to dancing. I do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage of personal items.

A pupil must not attend another teacher simultaneously for the same faculty, unless with prior agreement.


Costumes on loan from me are to be ironed, worn tidily and correctly at the event and then returned at the next class.

The 3 red ribbons used on gypsy blouses are to be removed and pinned together.

Elastic on shoes must be coloured with make-up to blend with tights and replaced if not the correct colour or fit.

When returning shoes they must be paired, ballet shoes - one tucked inside the other:
Tap shoes - laces typing the pair together and always kept in a separate bag from clothes.

After dancing on grass, soles of shoes should be scrubbed with a nail brush and lukewarm soapy water.

Tan tights must not have a thick band at the top of the leg.

Shimmer tan tights are not to be worn.

White briefs MUST be worn on top of tights if a skirt or dress is being worn.

An unnatural nail varnish colour must not be worn.

A light red lipstick enhances smiles.

Experienced "Events Dancers" to be helpful in passing on their knowledge of how costumes are to be worn.

By being part of The Sandra Wright School of Dancing you have agreed to these conditions.

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