About the School

The Sandra Wright School of Dancing opened in January 1977 in the Masonic Hall at Glamis, Angus and offers tuition in Ballet Tap & Highland dancing for children from primary one catchment age into adulthood. Classes are held on Fridays after school and on Saturdays during school terms.

All pupils are taught by Miss Sandra and commence in 1st year with Ballet as it is the foundation of all other dance styles and has very particular rules about how a dancer must stand and move. This classical dance style is known throughout the world for its beauty and strength. This dance form helps the dancer achieve excellent posture, balance, strength, and grace, required in all forms of dance, and enhances personal development whilst learning the fundamental techniques used by a dancer. Proper technique ensures both a safe and an effective class.

In 2nd Year Tap is introduced and Highland in 3rd year, which gives pupils the three dance styles in one class. During the first three years classes are 45 minutes long and then gradually increase in length.

In all classes pupils are encouraged to dance, sing and perform for enjoyment, to the very best of their ability. Participation in UKA Medal Tests, Charity Shows, local Fete Days and for the older pupils professional shows are all encouraged but not compulsory.

U.K.A. Medal Tests are held usually in December and June.

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